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    We're on a mission to connect your cause to the people who care the most.

    Bags for lady

    To make the fashion into your nomal use

    Our designer make the bag base on lady's daily use and also add fashion elements.

    Bags for Men

    To fit people life use

    Dtimepower Co., Ltd is a custom manufacturer and wholesaler of bags and packaging products headquartered to US.

    From handbags to sand bags, custom designs to commercial bulk orders, industrial poly to organic canvas, Dtimepower Co., Ltd offers thousands of products in every size, shape, material and color imaginable.


    For different lifestyle

    Peeple have different lifestyle, chose your lifestyle chose your life.


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    Travel Kit
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  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to connect your cause to the people who care the most.


    Max Liu


    Dtimepower is a second generation, privately owned business, serving customers for four decades.
    We have a passion for Dtimepower and have invested heavily back into the business.


    Dtimepower has a deep history in this industry. Our ongoing research and development combined
    with four decades of manufacturing expertise is unmatched by anyone in the can liner business.


    Our number one priority is to deliver continuous and unending service. Coast-to-coast consistency is inherent in our strategic national footprint, offering unmatched competitive advantages
    to our distribution partners.


    A volatile market needs a strong and stable company. Stability is not just about producing quality products for our partners; it’s about understanding their business, anticipating their needs, and providing them with real solutions.


    For decades we have built enduring loyal relationships with our distribution partners.
    This is what sets us apart – honesty, integrity and fulfilled promises.


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